Switchback - par Archer

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Top de la Rédac
AMV / MMV / GMV, GMV, Top de la Rédac    Publié le 11/06/2011 (11:01) par Epsi

Auteur :

Présentation :
GMV classé :
- 1er au CreaGame 2011
- 2ème “Best Design of Visual Effects”  au CreaGame 2011
- 1er “Best Title & Credits design” au CreaGame 2011
- 1er “Best Action” au CreaGame 2011
- 1er “Best Technical Performance”  au CreaGame 2011

Jeu vidéo utilisé :

Musique utilisée :
Celldweller - Switchback (Detroit 2000)

Format :
Durée : 00:02:40
Taille : 80 Mo
Codecs : H264/AAC
Résolution : 1024×576 @ 23.97 fps

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8.29/10 (17 votes)

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2 commentaires concernant Switchback - par Archer

18 mai 2014

things like you’re mad because i got a new glfririend? right? of coarse i denied it. so he asked why i was so mad i just told him that there’s a lot of crap going on and that he was being irritating (i kinda meant that in a joking way and he knew that). but he told me to text him when i wanted to be friends. so we met up again this time i was with my friend. and we kinda had a flirty fight. he smiled and looked at me the same way he did while we were together. when he finally left i felt like crying so my friends went home and i was alone for about three hours just thinking about him. i guess you could say i was just mad because i pictured him saying all the same things to her that he said to me like texting her Good morning beautiful! every morning when he wakes up and I love you more than my whole heart .We met at my best friend’s house a long time ago (in like november). and didn’t see each other until the town fair where i asked him out and we had the best time ever. but after that we would hang out every chance we could even if it was only for a few minutes. we never ran out of things to talk about and it never got awkward. we got to know each others parents and friends. one of his friends even told us that we were perfect for each other when he didn’t know we were dating yet. I’m 13 and hes 14 and i’ve never felt this way about anyone before. i know im probably too young or whatever but i did love him and now i really miss him. i really need some tips on how to get him back! i don’t want to hear anything like your too young or leave him alone with his new glfririend thanks . i need answers fast!!

22 juin 2014

This is a neat summary. Thanks for sharing!

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