3 new AMVs available !

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News    Published on 14/12/2011 (09h49 PM) by Hiro    Edit this page in admin area
3 new AMVs available !

Continuing on the 2011 Akross Con with 3 freshly unveiled AMVs ! First, Restless by Vidok. Then, Music Illusion by aresshiachan85. An finally, the first AMV from the contest to have really caught our attention : TRNGLE by Rebelion and which goes into our “Top of the Staff” ! Well, while waiting for the new AMVs by ScorpionsUltd, Derisor, Tayo, JadeCharm, etc… the team wishes you a very nice time on the site !!

Here are the links to watch and download in high quality these 3 new videos :

- Restless - by Vidok (category “Psychedelic“)

- Music Illusion - by aresshiachan85 (category “Other“)

- TRNGLE - by Rebelion (categories “Serious” and “Top of the Staff“)

We hope you will enjoy your time. See you soon for more Top AMVs hopefully ;)

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