6 new videos to watch ! [update : + 1 new AMV]

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News    Published on 24/09/2011 (01h24 PM) by Epsi    Edit this page in admin area
6 new videos to watch ! [update : + 1 new AMV]

Discover in exclusivity the very last AMV from AMV-France’s member Sn0wcrash with The Undertaker, made for the 2011 AWA Pro ! Then, Written in the Spirals by Shin ; Solex Remastered by Shadox which revisited the concept of West ! We continue with Manic Lullaby by Chiikaboom ; the GMV My Army by 3n19ma ; and the MMV Virtualis Magikus by Khameleon808 !

Notice that the AMV Futuristic Lover by Okami (previously Cokamvs) is available in a new upgraded version (new intro, deleted credits et some other technical changes).

A big thank you to Sn0wcrash for having given us his AMV in exclusivity and also to Okami for letting us know about the coming out of the new version of his AMV ;)

+ update : We have added the AMV Prognosis by Rdc, which comes into our Top of the Staff ;)

As usual, go to these pages to watch in streaming and download in high quality these new videos :

- Prognosis - by Rdc (categories “Fun/dance” and “Top of the Staff“)

- The Undertaker - by Sn0wcrash (category “Horror“)

- Written in the Spirals - by Shin (category “Action“)

- Solex Remastered - by Shadox (category “Fun/dance“)

- Manic Lullaby - by Chiikaboom (category “Action“)

- My Army - by 3n19ma (category “GMV“)

- Virtualis Magikus - by Khameleon808 (category “MMV“)

- Futuristic Lover - by Okami (category “Sentimental/romance“)

Have an excellent time on KetsuRyu, have a nice week-end and see you all very soon ;)

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1 comment concerning 6 new videos to watch ! [update : + 1 new AMV]

24 September 2011

Merci encore ^^
Maintenant j’ai un lien direct que je peux partager :p

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