New videos : 2 AMVs + 1 MMV !

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News    Published on 04/12/2011 (08h54 PM) by Hiro    Edit this page in admin area
New videos : 2 AMVs + 1 MMV !

Here is Shade Of by Leberate, coming from the 2011 Akross Con ! Then, while waiting for his well anticipated return during the Akross with a brand new AMV, here is one other achievement from this author who, with a single one AMV (Whisper of the Beast), has become legendary ! We are of course talking about ScorpionsUltd, with the AMV To Be God ! And finally, discover Desolation by Trampler, MMV with an old fashion style which reminds us of the atmosphere of the old scary movies.

Go to the next pages to watch / download these new videos :

- Shade Of - by Leberate (category “Action“)

- To Be God - by ScorpionsUltd (category “Action“)

- Desolation - by Trampler (category “MMV“)


See you very soon for more new videos ! :)

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