Results CreaCon, CreaGame and AWA + 6 videos !

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News    Published on 14/01/2012 (09h31 PM) by Epsi    Edit this page in admin area
Results CreaCon, CreaGame and AWA + 6 videos !

Let’s begin with some more contests’ results added on KetsuRyu ! You will find : the results of all editions of the CreaCon (a contest which is only dedicated to MMVs), also the recent CreaGame (dedicated to GMVs) and the two last edition of the Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) as well, knowing that the previous years are underway. And to finish we have added 6 new videos that we let you discover !

Also know that our AMV/MMV/GMV pages are still being checked / updated to fix small mistakes that may exist (pirzes won during contests, bugs, etc.).

To discover the new contests’ results added, go to our category “Contests’ Results” and more precisely on these pages :

- CreaCon (years 2008 to 2010)

- CreaGame (year 2011)

- Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) (years 2010 to 2011)

And as usual go to the following pages to watch in streaming and download in high quality our new videos :

- Space Insight - by Vidok (category “MMV“)

- Death Zone Lost - by Norlack (categories “MMV” and “Top of the Staff”)

- Strayed Remembrances II - by Vincerage (category “GMV“)

- Sojuzmepfilm - by Hlebalolomator, zzerg, ModboM, Buffoon, Vatik, Sham, Cblpoera (category “MEP“)

- Until It Sleeps - by Alkatraz (category “Character profile“)

- Restless - by Vek (category “MMV“)

Have an excellent time on KetsuRyu !

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