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The AMV contest of the Toulouse Game Show is an event organised by AMV-France in association with the Toulouse Game Show and where the AMV makers from France compete on an imposed theme (in 2012: "MEP Battle: Choose your leader", 2011: "Duality", 2010: "The Future", 2009 : "The Imaginary worlds", 2008 : " The Underground", 2007 : "The 80s"). An excellent opportunity for the authors to compete against each other and to evaluate themselves, in order to win the 1st prize !

Find here the results of the different editions of the French contest of the Toulouse Game Show !

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Toulouse Game Show 2012

Concours d'AMV - Toulouse Game Show 2012

Full ranking

1 Random Road Trip - by Hige-san, Creed, Irriadin, Madao, Hireegy Random Road Trip - by Hige-san, Creed, Irriadin, Madao, Hireegy 2 Dear - by Kain-x-Spirits, Yuko, kami, pizz, milkorlife Dear - by Kain-x-Spirits, Yuko, kami, pizz, milkorlife
3 Sound of Iron - by MagicDarkLight, Luna, tricky, Darthice, flo, NxS Sound of Iron - by MagicDarkLight, Luna, tricky, Darthice, flo, NxS 4 Lost Pieces - by MadaraXD, SachaValentine, kuruta, general guy, santana Lost Pieces - by MadaraXD, SachaValentine, kuruta, general guy, santana
5 Visible horizon - by Warlike Swans, Heavy, Khoa, Sword Dancer, kloud Visible horizon - by Warlike Swans, Heavy, Khoa, Sword Dancer, kloud 6 Shared resolve - by Shin, mystyk, oversoul zero, darkeldion, haruka Shared resolve - by Shin, mystyk, oversoul zero, darkeldion, haruka
7 Alex Clare : Too Close - by Chaosgod, sakuraslight, Drango Alex Clare : Too Close - by Chaosgod, sakuraslight, Drango

Public prize

Random Road Trip - by Hige-san, Creed, Irriadin, Madao, Hireegy Random Road Trip - by Hige-san, Creed, Irriadin, Madao, Hireegy


Concours d'AMV - Toulouse Game Show 2011

Full ranking

1 Upside Down - by Chiiisus Upside Down - by Chiiisus 2 Black Impulse - by MagicDarkLight Black Impulse - by MagicDarkLight
3 Eternal Feather - by Niwa Eternal Feather - by Niwa 4 Split - by Snowcrash Split - by Snowcrash
5 Take a bite of my (L) - by Laerium Take a bite of my (L) - by Laerium 6 Brotherblood - by Neb Brotherblood - by Neb
7 Stumbling Around - by Rubeeh Stumbling Around - by Rubeeh 8 Soul Blade - by Yuko Soul Blade - by Yuko
9 Antiform - by Koys Antiform - by Koys 10 Breakable - by Pizz Breakable - by Pizz
11 VersuS - by Darkness VersuS - by Darkness 12 Mr & Mrs Smith - by Cordell Mr & Mrs Smith - by Cordell
13 Fly to win ~ - by Mizu--chan Fly to win ~ - by Mizu–chan 14 Dark Fight - by Okami-jo and Linoa17 Dark Fight - by Okami-jo and Linoa17
15 Colorful - by darkeldion Colorful - by darkeldion 16 Fight Brain - by IceFurya Fight Brain - by IceFurya
17 Father and Son - by Xuaveneg Father and Son - by Xuaveneg 18 Le combat de l'être humain - by Eizoo Le combat de l’être humain - by Eizoo
19 Fight for my friends - by Youmy Fight for my friends - by Youmy

Public prize

Mr & Mrs Smith - by Cordell Mr & Mrs Smith - by Cordell


Concours d'AMV - Toulouse Game Show 2010

Full ranking

1 Our Future - by Shadox Our Future - by Shadox 2 U, Robot - by Sn0wcrash U, Robot - by Sn0wcrash
3 Alternat-Distorsion - by Aken Alternat-Distorsion - by Aken 4 Emo-exacerbé - by Reznic Emo-exacerbé - by Reznic
5 Space 2059 - by Kuro Space 2059 - by Kuro 6 WarGames - by Emelikku WarGames - by Emelikku
7 Fucking Insane - by Shimigari Fucking Insane - by Shimigari 8 Pizz - See the future - by Cordell Pizz - See the future - by Cordell
9 Ghost City - by flo55 Ghost City - by flo55 10 No Regrets - by Satsumayu No Regrets - by Satsumayu
11 Mars 21xx - by Dussud Mars 21xx - by Dussud 12 Journey - by Belldandy Journey - by Belldandy
13 A travers les âges - by Youmy Andyl A travers les âges - by Youmy Andyl

Public prize

Pizz - See the future - by Cordell Pizz - See the future - by Cordell


Concours d'AMV - Toulouse Game Show 2009

Full ranking

1 Le cirque du sommeil - by Mike00 Le cirque du sommeil - by Mike00 2 Paradox - by Xcite Paradox - by Xcite
3 Aquarium - by Laharl Aquarium - by Laharl 4 Imagineréality - by Playschool Imagineréality - by Playschool
5 Subject_2208 - by Sn0wcrash Subject_2208 - by Sn0wcrash 6 About My World - by Mizu-Chan About My World - by Mizu-Chan
7 Chase after your reality - by Kain-x-Spirits Chase after your reality - by Kain-x-Spirits 8 Connected - by Angelface Connected - by Angelface
9 Awakening - by MimS Awakening - by MimS 10 A Ballad - by Kenzuka, Dn@, Neb, Woy, Otak, Sarah A Ballad - by Kenzuka, Dn@, Neb, Woy, Otak, Sarah
11 Endosky - by Yusf Endosky - by Yusf 12 Terminatorama - by Kaiser Panda Terminatorama - by Kaiser Panda
13 My World - by Oro$hi My World - by Oro$hi 14 Aujourd'hui, il rêve encore... - by Cordell and Lyud Aujourd’hui, il rêve encore… - by Cordell and Lyud
15 Krodium - by Hard_Gilou Krodium - by Hard_Gilou 16 Something Eels - by Rusher Something Eels - by Rusher
17 Another day... - by bax390 Another day… - by bax390 18 Kid's story - by flo55 Kid’s story - by flo55
19 As a rise again - by Japoneris As a rise again - by Japoneris 20 Sending An Sos... - by Lolicore_eternal Sending An Sos… - by Lolicore_eternal
21 We were strangers - by TomoeChibi We were strangers - by TomoeChibi 22 Game show toulouse 2009 [AMV France] Mix - by shadow Game show toulouse 2009 [AMV France] Mix - by shadow
23 AMV MKR - by DD69 AMV MKR - by DD69

Public prize

Krodium - by Hard_Gilou Krodium - by Hard_Gilou


Concours d'AMV - Toulouse Game Show 2008

Full ranking

1 Certified Samurai - by Frayge and Rody Certified Samurai - by Frayge and Rody 2 Sound of Decline - by Reznic Sound of Decline - by Reznic
3 Mind the Gap - by Sn0wcrash Mind the Gap - by Sn0wcrash 4 Paranoïak - by denionysos Paranoïak - by denionysos
5 Irish!!! - by Dn@, Hige, Kenzuka, Neb, Otak, R_1, Woy Irish!!! - by Dn@, Hige, Kenzuka, Neb, Otak, R_1, Woy 6 Requiem - by Belldandy Requiem - by Belldandy
7 Sanktus Otakus - by Kaiser Panda Sanktus Otakus - by Kaiser Panda 8 Brush - by piiiiii Brush - by piiiiii
9 Insolent Rose - by Creed Insolent Rose - by Creed 10 Last Journey - by Thorn Last Journey - by Thorn
11 Rabbit Doubt - by Sibu-Xiang Rabbit Doubt - by Sibu-Xiang 12 Technologic, oh yeah! - by ZTI Technologic, oh yeah! - by ZTI
13 Les mythes urbains - by Flo55 Les mythes urbains - by Flo55 14 NO.LIMIT - by bax390 NO.LIMIT - by bax390
15 Hokuto No Doom (fan videogame trailer) - by iceman57 Hokuto No Doom (fan videogame trailer) - by iceman57 16 Loneliness - by Fidlansi Loneliness - by Fidlansi
17 METROPOLIS - by Tatsu METROPOLIS - by Tatsu 18 Blood - by Little Blood - by Little
19 Si Satan Dieu pouvait - by PrismAngélique Si Satan savait…si Dieu pouvait - by PrismAngélique

Public prize

Mind the Gap - by Sn0wcrash Mind the Gap - by Sn0wcrash


Concours d'AMV - Toulouse Game Show 2007

Full ranking

1 Antisocial! Antisocial! 2 Mercury Rising - by Kenzuka Mercury Rising - by Kenzuka
3 Butterfly’s rising - by Reznic Butterfly’s rising - by Reznic 4 Les années 80 - by Toff Les années 80 - by Toff
5 Shake your DB - by Master of Chaos Shake your DB - by Master of Chaos 6 Happy Colors - by S.o.H Happy Colors - by S.o.H
7 80 fort and vert - by Riki 80 fort and vert - by Riki 8 Voyage en Absurdie - by WoY Voyage en Absurdie - by WoY
9 T.G.S-2007 - by LoGx T.G.S-2007 - by LoGx 10 AFRICA - by Neb AFRICA - by Neb
11 Maids Ménagères - by Rody Maids Ménagères - by Rody 12 City Hunter nostalgie - by Fana City Hunter nostalgie - by Fana
13 Dragon Ball Z Power Mugendai - by Shaft 2.0 Dragon Ball Z Power Mugendai - by Shaft 2.0 14 Vivement Mercredi! - by The 35 Years Old Kid Vivement Mercredi! - by The 35 Years Old Kid
15 Aviewtoakill - by SEB Aviewtoakill - by SEB 16 Dr Jump - by Kaiser Panda Dr Jump - by Kaiser Panda
17 InvalidFutureDBZ - by Akany InvalidFutureDBZ - by Akany 18 La legende des Chevaliers - Destination Saint Seiya - by Kaolla La legende des Chevaliers - Destination Saint Seiya - by Kaolla
19 Saint Seiya ultimate - by Jojo Saint Seiya ultimate - by Jojo

Public prize

Antisocial! Antisocial!

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24 July 2015

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30 October 2015

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