Damaged Rei-mix - by Koopiskeva

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AMV / MMV / GMV, Character profile    Published on 13/03/2011 (12h41 PM) by Epsi    Edit this page in admin area

Author :

Introduction :
AMV’s Prizes :
- “Best Character Profile” at the 2003 VCA (Viewers Choice Awards)
- 1st “Best Character Profile” during the 2002 Martyr Productions First AMV Online Contest
- 1st “Best Technical Video” during the 2002 Senpai Productions Online AMV Contest
- 1st “Best Drama” during the 2002 SugoiCon
- 1st “Most Technical” during the 2002 CSUN Anime Club AMV Contest

Anime used :
Neon Genesis Evangelion

Music used :
Plummet - Damaged (808 Remix)

Format :
Length : 04:04:00
Size : 64.5 Mo
Codecs : DivX/MP3
Resolution : 640×480 @ 29.97 fps

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4 comments concerning Damaged Rei-mix - by Koopiskeva

13 March 2011

c’etais tres bien a faire

18 May 2014

Glad to be invited to your lolevy looking convention Syracuse! We plan to give you all a good time with our brand of short form improv comedy. Check our website to learn more about our Canadian troupe, and know we\’ll get you involved and laughing for your anime joking entertainment! We\’re looking forward to coming across the border with laughs in tow!

You’ve really impressed me with that answer!

Ah, i see. Well that’s not too tricky at all!”

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